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golfcalc's testimonials

Here's what a few of our members say about using Golfcalc

  • "I just signed up for GolfCalc and entered my recent rounds. I can't believe how easy your system is to use. I've tried several other golf handicap systems and they were very difficult. I'll be sure to recommend your system to my golfing partners. Thank you. " Robert Zayas: San Antonio, Texas

  • I'm learning how to use this and is great! Thanks! Morri Elliot, Turlock CA

  • "Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a beginner, Golfcalc can help you improve your game with its tips, advice and statkeeping. Using GolfCalc's Skill Stats section, which guides you to the parts of the game that need improvement, I have been able to improve my course management and focus on the parts of my game that need the most practice. As a result, I have improved my handicap from 22 to 16 in less than a year!!!" Tim Trybus: Bethesda, Maryland

  • "I love GolfCalc. It's like having a teaching pro and caddie at my desk! As my use has gone up, my scores have come down." Shannon Perry, Hartford, Connecticut

  • "Thanks very much for providing a great and interesting way to keep track of Golf statistics. They are revealing characteristics about my game that I have never noticed before. Also, I am seeing a change in the mental aspect of my game as I focus on collecting the information. Seeing lagging statistics makes one want to improve. That results in a change in priorities as the game is played. .............
    "Followup: Rick, I looked at the enhancements [comparison stats to the pros] and they are great! This should surely increase traffic to your site. I'll start spreading the word later today. I would recommend adding a paragraph on your home page touting the new features. Thanks for being so quick to respond to my request. Thanks for a great service... Regards, Richard"

  • You jerks. I'm not joining because your idiot designers put some code in that won't allow me to back out to my previous page. What morons you are to be so rude to your prospects. Now I have to redo my search. Will this e-mail have any impact on you? I doubt it. .............
    "Followup: Wow, I now have more respect for you guys than before I got to your site. Most people would never admit to making a mistake in the first place, and it sounds like you did not even know it was there. Understandable. Sorry I lumped you in with all the 99% of businesses that give absolutely rotten customer service and then don't care. I am going to go back and give your site a careful look. I hope it is the right one for me. By the way, I did try hitting the back button many times quickly (because I've had this problem with other obnoxious sites and it always worked), but it did not work with yours. I'm glad you fixed it." Mike

  • "Rick,
    The enhanced handicap card looks perfect. Thanks for being so responsive. I'm trying to get as many of friends to signup for Golf-Calc as possible. Thanks for adding this feature!" Dave

  • This is a neat service. Jeff Moskin

  • "Two thumbs up for design and ease of use. Keep up the good work!!!!!!" Tim Trybus: Bethesda, Maryland

  • "Enjoying your service." Ed Kropp

  • "Thx for the quick response. I now understand the methodology. You guys are way on top of it. Thx again." B. K., Madeira Beach, Florida

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