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GolfCalc's Help Page & FAQs
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FAQs: Using GolfCalc
  1. I forgot my password
  2. Which browser should I use?
  3. Is my credit card information safe on your Web site?
  4. Does this site use Java / Java problems?
  5. How do I edit my stats or errors in my handicap/stats entries?
  6. Where can I find the slope and rating for my handicap?
  7. How can I show others my handicap (card)?
  8. Does GolfCalc issue some kind of "official" handicap card to be used in tournament play? Are the handicaps posted on this site accepted at sanctioned tournaments?
  9. 'Indexes' vs. Handicaps
  10. Why handicap appears so low or high
  11. Inputting 9-holes for handicap?

I forgot my password
Click here to retrieve your password by email.

Which browser should I use?
Golfcalc will work with any browser 3 or higher, if you would like to use our site in a standard fashion. However, if you want to get the most out of our site, you need a Java-enabled browser such as FireFox, Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer, versions 4 or higher. We recommend that you download the most recent browser to enhance your experience at our site.
Download Explorer Download Navigator     Download FireFox    

Is my credit card account information safe on your Web site?
Yes. Golfcalc protects your critical information 2 ways. First, by using "https" -- Secure Server technology. And 2nd, once on our server, golfcalc further protects your credit card information with our own propriatary encryption algorithm. In addition, you are the only person that knows your password. Passwords must be from 5 to 8 digits and/or characters, and are case sensitive. If you forget your password, please email us at statkeep@golfcalc.com.

Does this site use Java / Java problems?
Yes. Golfcalc has implemented many of Java's latest capabilities, including Java Applets loaded from the browser and Java Servlets residing on our server, in order to provide you with more functionality and speed. Each time you access your golf stats, a Java virtual machine will load. Please be patient, once the java program is loaded, our site will perform much faster than conventional web html technology. And java is safe and secure, since it does not access any files on your local computer, just files on our own server.

If you are not able to use the Java version, because the applet just won't load in, or there are other errors, it indicates that you have a network firewall or proxy blocking all or some of the outbound ports that the Java applet uses. This is more common in work environments, so if you are trying GolfCalc at work, we recommend trying it at home using a commercial ISP. Additionally, if you are using any hardware or software firewalls at home (although not likely), this could be the problem. Also, AOL browsers may give a problem.

If you would like to use the java version and your browser doesn't enable java right now, you would need to know two things. First, is it a browser that supports java, and second, is java turned on (enabled)?. If your browser supports java and it's not enabled, you merely have to turn it on. Go to your browser's menu options at the top (for example, for MIE, click on tools/Internet Options/Advanced, scroll to the bottom, and click on the 3 java options). If your browser is an older version, you'll just have to download a more current version that supports java (MIE 4.0+ or Netscape 4.0+). See the left links just above this text (question #1) and download one, and enable java in the browsers menu options as explained above.

How do I edit my stats?
Now, you can use either the java version or the non-java version to edit or delete your stats.

To edit your stats:

  • From the "Members Access" page, login in the java or non-java version;
  • In the newest java release, you right-click, or double-click on a specific stat on your tabled stats, change/type the stat, and hit return. Then, either right-click again and click 'Save all edits', or click the 'Edit' button on the bottom of the applet. To delete, right-click anywhere on a row, and click 'Delete record'
  • Or, in both java versions, bring up your stats, in table format
    • Click up to, or down to, the # you want to edit or delete, on the small number button on the bottom of the table just to the right of the 'Delete' button, to go to that record
    • Click 'Edit', or 'DELETE'
    • If editing, change/type in your stats data you want changed in the input text fields
    • Click on 'Display/Submit' to again see the table
  • In the non-java version, login, click either the 'Edit' or 'Delete' radio buttons, type in the exact date and score of the record you want to edit, and hit the 'Edit/Delete Record' button. (If you need the exact date and score, just bring up your stats in table format - hit 'Display My Stats' with the 'Table' radio button highlighted).
    • Change the record, and lastly hit the 'Submit Edit' button, if editing, or 'Submit Delete' button, if deleting, the button being highlighted.

Where can I find the slope and rating for my handicap?
On every score card from a golf course, they will display the course's slope (difficulty). It's a number, anywhere from 89 to as high as 140. The higher the number, the harder the course is. The slope is needed to calculate the handicap. So is the course rating, which also measuses how hard the golf course is, and is ususally somewhere around 72, give or take a few strokes. It should also be on the score card.

How can I show others my handicap (card)?
Let's say you are interested in providing your handicap with the scores on which it is based to someone or some group to substantiate your handicap. But, you do not want to give full access to your information via your username and id.
There is a simple way to email this information as a link to allow access only to your handicap information as it appears on your handicap card. Here's how:
Get to your handicap card by the usual way: Log in, bring up your stats table and click on "print handicap card" at the bottom of the table. Now you are looking at your current handicap card as an html file. Just copy the url address in the Address window at the top of your browser (to copy it, select it, ie. Make it blue with your mouse/right mouse click/copy) Now email your friend and in the email body, paste the url address you've just copied (to paste it, right mouse click and click on paste) The link you just copied will look something like:


Then your friend just clicks on this link and your handicap card will come up in a browser window.

Does GolfCalc issue some kind of "official" handicap card? Can it be used in sanctioned tournament play?
In order to obtain an official USGA handicap (and handicap card), you must be a member of a USGA certified "Golf Club". GolfCalc, and any other Internet web site, cannot be certified as an official USGA Golf Club. This is primarily due to the concept of peer review. Peer review is the ability to play golf with other Golf Club members and bring score submission concerns (eg. "sandbaggers", who omit good rounds from the handicap calculation, or purposely play poorly in an attemp to artificially raise their handicap) to the attention of a central handicap committee (see about 'About' GolfCalc web page). The USGA does not permit any internet sites to use its exact copyrighted formula. In fact, the USGA has shut down several sites which used its formula. Therefore, any internet sites stating they give official USGA handicaps are either misleading you or are in danger of being sued by the USGA and shut down. While we or any other Internet site cannot give you an official USGA handicap that you could use for Tournament play, GolfCalc has created its own proprietary handicap formula which closesly resembles the USGA formula and calculates an unofficial handicap that is generally within 1/10th of an official USGA handicap. Our calculations generally return a handicap index within .1 of the official USGA handicap and using your last 12 out of 25 scores is one way we achieve this. Our suggestions for an obtaining an official handicap and an official Handicap Card are either country clubs or a few public golf courses, all of which have been granted official Golf Club status by the USGA. And most club pros will gladly accept a GolfCalc handicap for your "official" handicap, for use in sanctioned tournaments, if you ask them.

Index vs. handicap
Your Golfcalc handicap actually IS an index. It is comparable to the USGA Index. However, for copyright reasons, Golfcalc, or any other online handicapping service is not permitted to use the terms "Index" or "USGA Index." Your Golfcalc Handicap very closely resembles the USGA Index and while our formula is slightly different, the result is nearly identical, consistantly coming out 1/10 of a point lower than the USGA's.

Why does my handicap appear so low or high?
Your Golfcalc handicap may initially be calculated lower or higher than it really is. When you are first inputting scores and have only a couple of scores, the handicap formula uses only your lowest 1/2 of all your indexes (indexes are your scores, that are refined by the slope and course rating. You can see which score it's using by the '*' next to the score). So if those few scores don't reflect your average score then the handicap that is calculated will not be your true handicap.
You won't have an accurate (or "official") handicap until you input at least 20 scores. Then, just like the official USGA handicap formula, Golfcalc takes 10 of your lowest indexes to calculate the handicap.

Inputting 9-holes for handicap?
The USGA says that nine-hole scores are to be "posted" when they are "consecutive" nine-hole scores. This means they must be played without an intervening 18-hole round. They can be played on the same or different days, played on the same nine holes twice, or played on two different nines at the same or different courses.

When consecutive nines are played on different courses and combined, the course ratings and slopes are averaged from the two courses. In this case, add your two 9-hole scores together, and average out the 2 course ratings and slopes, and enter the resulting score, rating and slope to get your handicap.

If two rounds are played on the same nine holes, use the 18 hole ratings and slopes if nine hole info is not available, and add the two 9-hole scores together.

That's the official answer.

Now for the last situation, where you have only played 1 round of 9 holes, and you're wondering if you can just use it, for your handiap calculation by doubling it, and entering it as one score. That would be a no-no, as according to the above official USGA rule (the main reason here being that you don't know what score you would have had for the 2nd 9, plus the first set of 9-holes will have a different slope and rating as the 2nd 9, on an 18-hole course). But of course, this is an unofficial handicap, and you could do it in a pinch, as it does represent your ability. However, as explained above, you should wait until you get your 2nd 9-hole round in, to add to your first 9-hole round, (hopefully before you shoot an intervening round of 18-holes)